Webmontag Frankfurt #21 „Ignite”

Webmontag Frankfurt #21 „Ignite” vom 1. März 2010


  • Daniel Fitzpatrick: “You can’t refactor an omelet”
  • Konrad Förstner“General thoughts about how to fix the world”
  • Eric Eggert“Accessibility 101”
  • Marco Laspe“Help Linux-Users to kick Ass”
  • Oliver Gierke“Coding and Music – Passion and Profession”
  • Jean-Philippe Defiebre “Corporate Social Responsibility / Corporate Social Business / Sustainability”
  • Volker Bombien “Mikrocontroller-Programmierung mit Arduino”
  • Steffen Bauer “Computer simulation of the human body (or a small part of it) in a nutshell”
  • Rene Maudrich “web based business tools for freelancers and small businesses”
  • Christian Wald “Dojo Toolkit – quick and dirty!”
  • Bastian Klein “CoFrankfurt and the coworking possibilities for cities like Frankfurt”
  • Jennifer Moss “Dominio effect, lessons learnt from the music industry. Creative Content 2.0”

Orga: Darren Cooper; Andreas Demmer; Harry Scherbach